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MetLife Dentist

Learn More About the Benefit of MetLife

A man and woman smiling while enjoying time with their kids after seeing a MetLife dentist in Park City

Having a dental insurance plan through MetLife is a great first step in ensuring your family’s oral health for life. Your decision to safeguard you and your family’s teeth and gums can be more readily achieved when choosing to see a MetLife dentist in Park City. Fortunately, Dr. Cody Calderwood and his team are in-network and ready to help you get the most out of your plan each year. Whether it is undergoing regular checkups and cleanings as part of the preventive services we offer or saving valuable dollars when you or your child needs more complex treatment (i.e. dental crown, tooth extraction), we can help you maximize your benefits and keep your out of pocket expenses low.

Call our office today to inquire about how you can take advantage of your MetLife dental benefits and better protect your family’s smile

MetLife Coverage Availability & Fees

A young woman having her teeth examined by her dentist in Park City

No two insurance policies are exactly the same, so if you attempt to compare your plan to a colleague or friend, you’ll likely discover there are many differences. However, since most dental insurance policies are designed to encourage preventive care, the format for benefits tends to follow a similar approach that might look like the following:

  • 100% Preventive Services (i.e. regular dental checkups and cleanings)
  • 70-80% Minor Restorative Services (i.e. dental fillings)
  • 50% Major Restorative Services (i.e. tooth extraction, root canal)

Because you are enrolled in a plan with MetLife dental insurance in Park City, you will likely notice there are financial benefits to choosing an in-network dentist. Dr. Calderwood works closely with MetLife and has negotiated fees and services to ensure you pay the lowest possible amount without forgoing quality dental care. Need treatment that will force you to go over your annual maximum? Not to worry! We can spread out your treatments across calendar years to help you avoid any additional costs coming out of your pocket.

Whether you require a dental bridge, root canal therapy, your out of pocket costs will be significantly less than someone seeking assistance who is considered out of network.

This is not to say that out-of-network plans are not accepted at Park City Dentistry. In fact, they are welcome! We just simply ask that you inform us as to which dental insurance plan you work with when scheduling your appointment. This will allow us to begin our research as to how we can help you save the most money when coming to see our expert professionals.

Meet Shelby

A set of blocks sitting on a white table and spelling the words “Dental Plan”

Shelby is Park City Dentistry’s office manager. Since high school, she has been fascinated with the dental field and in 2014, she graduated Valedictorian from the MATC Dental Assisting Program. Whether it is helping patients better understand the cost of treatment or working on an individual’s behalf to get the necessary answers from the insurance company, Shelby is the go-to person who can make a person’s experience at our office stress-free and enjoyable.