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Aetna Dentist

Learn More About the Benefit of Aetna

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Want to make it possible for you and your family to attain healthy, beautiful smiles? By finding an Aetna dentist in Park City like Dr. Cody Calderwood, you can trust that not only will your family’s teeth and gums be in expert hands, but you will be able to achieve long-lasting, life-changing results without breaking the bank. In choosing to enroll with Aetna dental insurance and seeing an in-network provider like Dr. Calderwood, you can keep more money in your pockets while continuing to receive high-quality, first-rate dental care in Park City. If you’re ready to learn more about ways in which you can navigate your plan and make the right decisions for you and your family, contact us today and let us help!

Aetna Coverage Availability & Fees

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Because most dental insurance plans are focused on patients receiving preventive care first and foremost, many design their benefits in such a way that encourage individuals to take proper care of their oral health from the start. Not only does this minimize the potential for restorative dentistry in the future, but it also allows you to get the care you need without paying much, if anything, out of pocket.

Aetna dental insurance in Park City covers most policyholders at 80-100% for preventive services, but they also understand that problems can arise, which is why they also agree to cover between 70-80% for minor restorative services and 50-70% for major restorative care.

Fortunately, as an in-network provider who works alongside Aetna, Dr. Calderwood and his team are here to offer you the lowest available price for the services you receive. This is why it is so beneficial to see an in-network provider versus one who is out of network. But do not worry, even if we do not have negotiated terms with your dental insurance, we will still strive to help you save the most money when seeking treatment at our office.

At Park City Dentistry, we go the extra mile to keep your financial obligations to a minimum. Dental work shouldn’t have to force you to empty your savings account. Instead, let us handle the claims processing for you as well as find ways to lower your expenses while taking care of your smile.

Meet Shelby

A dental receptionist discussing scheduling and dental insurance with a male patient

If you need assistance navigating your dental insurance policy, look no further than Park City Dentistry’s own office manager, Shelby. Her passion for the field as well as helping patients better understand their benefits, cost of treatment, and ways to save money is evident by the way she smiles and approaches her role in our dental practice. Graduating from the MATC Dental Assisting Program in 2014, she works hard each day to ensure all patients have a more enjoyable experience at Dr. Calderwood’s office and will go above and beyond to help keep more money in the pockets of those who visit our office each day. Unsure if a particular treatment is covered by your Aetna dental insurance? Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of trying to file a claim? Not to worry! Shelby is here to make the process simple and easy for you.